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1-8 Aug 2010 -Double crossing of the English Channel

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All American Recognition

27 Mar 2009 - I have been recognized as a 2008 U.S. Masters Swimming All American in Long Distance Swimming for my first place finish at the 1-Mile Open Water Championships in the 35-39 age group.

English Channel Awards 2008

14 Mar 2009 -The English Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation held its annual awards dinner in Dover on March 14. I was honored with The Eurotunnel Award for the fastest CS&PF English Channel Swim of 2008 for my England-to-France 10 hour 17 minute crossing. I can't wait to see the trophy. I hear it is big enough to swim in.

$5,341 raised for Team Fox

01 Jan 2009 -I joined Team Fox to raise money for Parkinson's Research. My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease a few years ago. While swimming the English Channel takes strength, determination and perseverance, it is nothing compared to living with a disease that makes completing everyday tasks a challenge. I am proud that I was able to raise $5,341 for Team Fox and Parkinson's Research.

Dori swimming the English Channel

Swimming to France

08 AUG 2008 - After two years of training, I set out on my English Channel swim on Friday 8 August 2008. My support crew, boat crew and I left Shakespeare Beach in Dover around high tide at 3:30 pm BST. The calm waters at the beach didn’t last long. The swells soon had me and my crew seasick. But as night came and we inched close to the French shore, the winds died down, the seas calmed and the water warmed up a few degrees. Sometime around 2:00 am, I arrived at the rocky cliffs at Cap Gris Nez, France. My official time was 10 hours and 17 mintues for the 22-26 mile crossing.

Watch a video of the swim (a few minutes of it!) on Youtube »